We here at Norwood Auto Service (NAS) are proudly committed to service excellence.

The proprietor, Colin Heavyside, has been operating mechanical repair businesses in and around Norwood for over 30 years.

Many of the staff are long term employees and also have a long association with the Eastern suburbs.

Norwood Auto Services was born out of an amalgamation of two businesses following Colin’s purchase of Sams Auto Electrical in 2007.

His idea was to bring Auto Electrical and Mechanical repair facilities under one roof, thereby creating a one-stop vehicle service facility.

To this end Norwood Auto Services has been highly successful and boasts high quality, friendly and honest staff who are dedicated to serving the customer as well as they deserve.

Customer service is an all important ingredient in the driving philosophy and culture at Norwood Auto Services, and guides every decision that is made as the prime objective – succeed in good customer service and the business will succeed!!!