Reversing Sensors & Cameras

Gadgetry once reserved for only high-end vehicles, reversing sensors and rear-view cameras are now widely considered a “Standard” feature of new cars. Don’t be left behind, our qualified auto-electricians can fit your car with a new reversing sensor system or reversing camera system or can repair your existing sensors/cameras if they have become faulty.

Reversing Sensor Systems

A reverse sensor is a useful feature that helps in preventing collisions that can occur when one is reversing. It also contributes to providing safety for unsighted pedestrians and children who are around the vehicle. Norwood Auto Services offers installation and repairs of reversing sensors.

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Rear-view Camera Systems

A vehicle rearview camera is another safety feature aimed at preventing accidents when the driver is reversing or parking a car. While in previous years these cameras were seen as a luxury feature, today in most cars they come standard while after-market versions are now also available. At Norwood Auto Services, we have technicians specialising in the installation and maintenance of these rear-view cameras.

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